Plasticity Is The First Survey & Employee Engagement Platform Built To Improve Emotional Intelligence

The Plasticity platform goes beyond measuring employee engagement and starts solving organizational problems immediately with individualized micro-training and community development.


Plasticity 3.0

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Building Happier, Healthier, Higher Performing People

Train Emotional Intelligence

Plasticity identifies areas of strength, and key opportunities for growth and delivers targeted micro activities using the Plasticity PATH Behavioral Training System to help organizations flourish.

Track People Insights

Plasticity turns people data into actionable insights so you can invest confidently in people and culture and deliver targeted profitable results.

Harness Employee Happiness

Plasticity learns how employees are feeling and then empowers individuals and organizations to discover how they can be their happiest and highest performing self.

How it Works

Plasticity Insights

Measures and reports on the health, happiness, and performance of your teams every 90 days.

Plasticity PATH™

Puts those insights into action building healthier habits with short, fun, micro training activities. MIRA AI is the newest advancement in professional development acting as a personal coach so you don’t have to.

Plasticity Community

Combines social collaboration and group activities to foster higher-performing thriving company culture.

Plasticity is built for people, teams, and organizations. Learn how all three benefit from being healthier, happier, and higher performing.

HERO Generation

The Happiest Places to Work Use Plasticity

Find out how Plasticity can improve your workplace culture.

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