Harness Employee Happiness to Drive Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

The Plasticity Platform uses positive psychology to understand employee sentiment, train impactful positive behaviors, and build successful organizations with raving fans.

Get a Clear View of How Employee Sentiment is Impacting Business Outcomes

Leadership teams need to easily understand how employees are feeling and how that is likely to impact business results.

World Class Scientific Research Is Behind Everything Plasticity Delivers

Organizational, Behavioral, and Positive Psychology is built into every aspect of the Plasticity Platform, Insights, and the PATH Behavioral Training System


How Does Plasticity Improve Organizational Performance?

Track Actionable People Insights

Plasticity turns people data into actionable insights so you can invest confidently in people and culture and deliver targeted profitable results.

Train Emotional Intelligence

Plasticity identifies areas of strength, and key opportunities for growth and delivers targeted micro activities using the Plasticity PATH Behavioral Training System to help organizations flourish.

Harness Employee Happiness

Plasticity learns how employees are feeling and then empowers individuals and organizations to discover how they can be their happiest and highest performing self.

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"Culture has become a personal quest of mine. Investing in our people and their individual happiness is key to maximize our efficiencies and successes as a company. In the beginning when we were small it was easier to convey the vision. As a founder of a very fast growing business I felt we lost control of maintaining those critical connections. Plasticity is the only tool that allows for this and can scale with us."

− John Stix, President, Fibernetics

"I can sometimes be skeptical of feel-good initiatives, but they’re doing something right because I find my self engaging Plasticity almost daily."

− Tony Reinhart, Director of Editorial Strategy at Communitech

"The Plasticity product, team and ongoing support has exceeded expectations and helped us maintain our culture during this time of change!"

− Julie Dopko, Director of People and Culture at Communitech

"Plasticity analytics and reporting helps us understand our culture and allows us to quickly make changes to our business processes and communications in order to keep our workplace culture strong."

− Alex Piticco, Director Student Development and Residence Life, UW Residences

"It gives me a good gauge of where we are at emotionally and mentally as an organization. I use it mostly as a tool to let others know when I see something that reinforces our values but I am starting to use it as a lessons learned tool as well, since not all things are rosy in life. I also love to see what others are saying and to see the responses from others on their social posts. "

− Samson Ling , President and CEO, Clarion Medical Technologies

"We've been using Plasticity for over a year now. It's amazing to see how much it has strengthened our engagement and investment in the people that create our team. The vocabulary instilled in us by Plasticity has directly impacted the way we now interview new prospective employees. Interview questions we ask are flavoured by the way we make meaning, thanks to Plasticity Labs! "

− Jessalyn Broadfoot, Domus Housing

"The data I am given as a leader allows me to draw insights on how to make my employees happier, and this has in turn increased employee engagement to an all time high at PRISM!"

− Rohan Raj, President - Prism Resources

Work Hard. Play Hard.

We take happiness seriously. You’re welcome to join us!

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