Plasticity Insights

Engagement Surveys Offer Organizations the Tools to Gain Meaningful Insight and Feedback From Their Employees.

Plasticity Insights surveys analyzes and interpret employee data to inform strategic decision-making in all areas of the business with an overarching goal to take workplaces from good to great.

Beyond Annual Engagement Surveys

To truly make informed decisions that will actually improve performance, culture and the bottom-line, you can’t just rely on a once-a-year engagement, looking-back survey.

The annual engagement survey is a single snapshot in time and won’t provide you with ongoing analysis of your employee’s well being.

Plasticity Insights measures employee engagement and sentiment in real-time four times a year, delivering more accurate insights for less cost than a traditional annual engagement survey.


What Employees Value at Work:

How it Relates to Performance

The Workplace H.E.R.O. Survey

H.E.R.O. stands for Hope, Efficacy, Resilience, Optimism

After rigorous data analysis and benchmarking research, Plasticity Labs has discovered that these traits, along with Gratitude, Mindfulness and Empathy are KEY drivers to engaged and high performing individuals, groups and organizational cultures.

We blend the above emotional intelligence learning with questions regarding employee satisfaction, engagement, inspiration, predicted well-being, stress, peer relationships, and Net Promoter Score.

We also ask about sense of community among employees. Most importantly, we get to the “why.”

It’s not just about how employees are feeling, it’s also about why they feel the way they do.

By asking this repeating 20 question survey every 90 days, we can see how sentiment is changing over time. The survey is kept very short (only five minutes long!) so we can repeat the activity and improve completion rates while not being a drain on employees’ time.

How it Works

Plasticity Insights delivers aggregate analytics to management every 90 days. This data provides an ongoing check-up of your employees’ overall health, happiness, performance and engagement levels. This first-of-its-kind, employee-centric approach, digs deep into how people feel about work and life and helps you manage through periods of change.

Built for the future of work-life integration, Plasticity Insights considers the well-being of the whole person in their recommendations. Our evidence-based approach looks further upstream to ensure you get the engagement, innovation, and performance that your company needs.

While we don’t recommend Insights alone, here are a few suggestions for when measurement only might make sense.

Health & Happiness Surveys

Engagement & Performance Surveys

Company Culture Assessments

Daily Happiness Tracking

Company & Team Heatmaps

Real-time Dashboard Analytics

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